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Why Unitech

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Unitech believes in manufacturing that is designed right and delivered right to bring increased value to our customers.

The origins of the company can be traced back to 1918.   Built on three generations of machining, our family-like organization has evolved into a best-in-class operation by serving a wide range of industries for over nine decades.  We efficiently manufacture, test and ship machined components and completed electro-mechanical assemblies throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Unitech has an unrelenting commitment to serve our customers through quality products. We stand behind every product one-hundred percent.

Leading-edge Facility

Our facility is first class.  It was designed from the ground up specifically for manufacturing.  Completed in 2003, many of our facility’s design features, including the arrangement of machines and work areas, streamline the day-to-day movement of materials and parts.  The result is a modern manufacturing plant that is efficient, bright, clean, organized and safe.  The efficiency of our operation translates into cost savings for our customers.


Single-Source Supplier

Unitech is your single-source manufacturer; we deliver a wide range of complete projects ready for use. Unitech stands out among other suppliers because of our expertise in CNC machining, engineering, welding, painting and assembly. In addition, we manage all key areas of a project through a wide range of in-house and partner-supplied secondary services, to bring our customers more value and reduced lead time.


Innovative Solutions and Technology

Skilled employees using state-of-the-art tools assure superior results.  A few examples:

  • Solid modeling enables final product visualization before manufacturing.
  • Specialized part holding fixtures and live-tool CNC lathes reduce machining operations and costs by eliminating secondary machining.
  • Custom machining and handling fixtures guarantee repeatable accuracy while reducing manufacturing costs.
  • Our modern, in-house paint-mixing laboratory and color database ensure that specialized coatings are produced in a controlled environment – avoiding costly delays and reducing chemical emissions. 
  • Our many advantages, experienced employees and innovative technology, consistently produce superior results for our customers.


Constant Focus on Quality

Every part, process and project, is monitored by our quality assurance program. From order entry to final shipping, project details and specifications are determined before manufacturing.  Technical and quality requirements are documented through process travelers, purchase orders and inspection reports.  The calibration schedule of our inspection equipment and measuring tools is defined.  Our machinists and inspectors are trained and certified on all equipment they operate. Unitech’s quality program produces reliability with very few defects, resulting in very high customer satisfaction with our products.


Responsive Customer Support

We respect and value our customers. Our goal is to produce timely and accurate quotes, acknowledge purchase orders as quickly as possible, make suggestions for product improvement, clean and package parts for safe handling, and communicate difficulties in advance.




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