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Paint Facilities

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Advanced Coatings occupies an entire 12,000 sq. ft. bay within the Unitech building.  The high-strength concrete floors are level and can easily support large weldments and heavy painting projects.  To better control dust, the floors are sealed with a non-slip, easy-to-clean polyurethane coating.  The work spaces and forklift aisles are defined and organized by floor markings. 

The reinforced concrete wall panels support 25 ft. high ceilings that span the entire bay creating a wide and tall, unobstructed work space.  The HVAC system has been specifically designed for painting, and is operated at a negative air pressure to insure paint fumes and overspray will not reach other areas of the building.

Advanced Coatings is one of the cleanest paint facilities you will ever visit.  Multiple housekeeping stations and a dedicated waste paint disposal area eliminate the mess usually associated with painting.

Lighting levels throughout the plant and in each of our paint booths are bright and eliminate shadows.   The paint facility is well-maintained, efficient, clean, organized and safe.  Our customers know we process and paint their projects with the same care with which we clean and maintain our work space and equipment.


Paint Facilities