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Paint Coatings & Services

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Advanced Coatings paints wet and powder coatings in a spectrum of special colors, textures, temperature ranges and applications.  We stock over 100 different powder coatings in a variety of gloss ranges, textures, metallic and secondary effects. We have a supplier arrangement to purchase numerous powder paints in 5-pound boxes, eliminating the expense of purchasing a full 50-pound box of powder paint for small projects.


Advanced Coatings is a wet coating specialist.  We have a relationship of over 20 years with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and our installation fully complies with Missouri Air Quality Department rules and the guidelines of our operating permit. All of our wet coatings are EPA approved and compliant for reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Compounds (HAPs). 

paint-coatings-services3Wet coatings offered include commercial & industrial coatings, military-spec paint systems for Ground Support, Aerospace and Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC), conductive and nonconductive, high-temperature coatings.  We understand military paint systems and maintain an up-to-date library of military specifications. We stock the most common military paint primers and top coats.

Our paint mixing laboratory can create all FED-STD-595 colors as well as match any sample color with the DuPont Imron chemical mixing system.  Our database of paint formulations is updated each month.

paint-coatings-services4We have painted hundreds of architectural projects including commercial art, roof flashings, fencing, awning, window casements, column covers, and even full towers.  Advanced Coatings uses industry leading Kynar-based liquid coatings, and is authorized to issue 10 year warranties backed by Tnemec and PPG on architectural projects that are completed in our facility to their specification.

We specialize in projects that require masking. We inventory literally hundreds of special plugs, caps, cones, shapes, tapes and masking dots to protect threads, studs and precision bores from paint.  Through suppliers, we arrange for conversion coatings of aluminum for enhanced electrical conductivity, and garnet or sand blasting for scale removal and enhanced paint adhesion.

Our proprietary fixture system for holding, painting and moving parts is very adaptable to unique shapes, machined and fabricated components.  Its versatility enables a wide size range of parts to be painted simultaneously.  Sheet metal cabinets, individual machined components, castings and weldments of all sizes are examples of projects that are painted on a routine basis.