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Paint & Powder Coatings

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paint-powder-coatings1Our state-of-the-art painting facility will complete your products with commercial, industrial, architectural or military coating systems, in a multitude of colors, in liquid or powder coated finishes.

Our sister company, Advanced Coatings, is only one of several paint facilities in the Midwest with its own paint laboratory, that is operated in support of a dedicated manufacturing plant.  The ability to apply coatings in-house eliminates transporting parts to outside vendors, greatly reduces flash rusting from damp weather and improves scheduling and quality for our customers.

Our reputation for excellence has been earned painting projects that are considered too difficult for other painting facilities.  At Advanced Coatings, our projects are processed right and painted right for long-lasting protection.

Why Unitech?

Unitech produces precision machined components and assemblies for companies throughout the United States and Canada. Our modern facility is clean and efficient. We offer CNC machining, welding, painting and assembly for simplified single-source purchasing. Our manufacturing operation is supported with competent engineering, predictable quality control and responsive customer support. We train our employees, and we encourage the next generation to consider manufacturing careers.