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Packaging, Inventory, and Outside Processing

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Protective Packaging and Special Crating

Whether your project ships UPS ground in a box, on a crate by truck (LTL) or requires an entire full truck load (FTL), Unitech has a packaging or crating solution to assure your project is protected.

Our shipping department stocks multiples sizes of boxes with dividers, shipping tubes, “egg crate” shapes for delicate parts, bubble wrap, oil paper, plastic bags and foam wrap to insure your parts are packaged professionally and safely.

Special Crate - International Shipment

Special Crate – International Shipment

Pallet Design - Truck shipment

Pallet Design – Truck shipment

Part Protection - UPS Shipping

Part Protection – UPS Shipping

Crate-size shipments are reinforced with wood and metal straps.  A double-wall 36” square cardboard box with lid is our standard container for shipping heavy individual parts. The box is surrounded with wood to reduce forklift blade damage.  Even if the skid is dropped, the box will not fall off the skid.

Very large projects and international shipments are protected in specially designed oversized crates.  Each crate is designed specifically for each project using the solid model of the project as our guideline.  Before shipping, “shock clocks” are installed on each crate to monitor if the crate has been mishandled. 

Inventory Management Programs

Unitech offers an Inventory Management Program that is ideal to help customers reduce their overall inventory cost while ensuring shortened lead times.

Under this arrangement, we work with our customers to determine ideal inventory levels that are as close as possible to the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).  Unitech may then agree to maintain, for an established period of time, an agreed-upon product inventory that is always complete and ready to ship.  Prices can be held steady during this period.

The advantage to Unitech is that manufacturing can be scheduled weeks in advance of replacing inventory.  The advantage to our customers is just-in-time delivery of their specialized product at a competitive price allowing our customers to benefit from economies of scale and the most cost effective manufacturing lot size. 

With Unitech’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, the on-hand inventory levels and in-process production levels of your parts are available for review at any time, thus ensuring our customers have up-to-date information for their planning decisions.

Components Staged for Manufacturing

Components Staged for Manufacturing

Customer Inventory Scheduled for Assembly

Customer Inventory Scheduled for Assembly

Outside Processing Services

Cost Effective Special Tooling

Cost Effective Special Tooling

Unitech maintains established relationships throughout the United States with select, quality subcontractors for value-added secondary processes that are not performed in-house.  Because we purchase outside processes regularly, we are often able to leverage our buying power or expedite projects without additional charge.

While your project is under our control, it is insured for replacement cost if it is lost or damaged just as if it had been inside our facility.  Regardless of where the part is located, our customers are never at risk from lost, damaged or ruined parts.


Our relationships with many of our subcontractors have been built over several decades. We understand each of their specialties and we subcontract our projects based on past performance.

Our customers have confidence when Unitech provides the following services:

By handling all key areas of a project, Unitech brings our customers more value and reduced lead time.