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Assembly & Welding

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Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Unitech is able to efficiently assemble, test and ship completed electro-mechanical assemblies.  We have floor space dedicated for large component assembly, reverse engineering, electrical soldering and small parts assembly.  Our assembly concept is modular and moveable. Tables, assembly fixtures, hardware and component bins are on wheels and can be quickly staged in the most efficient arrangement.

We segregate and inventory customer-supplied components and are able to provide inventory updates at any time. We use Gantt Charts with scheduled project reviews that enable our customers to track the expenses and completion progress of their assembly projects.



Battery operated hand lifts, cushioned tables, parts bins, inventory racks, solder pots, electronic assembly hand tools, pneumatic tools, riveting guns, drills, drives and sockets represent some tools we use in assembly. When it is cost effective, we design and build project specific handling and assembly fixtures to improve the assembly process.

Special assemblies also require special packaging.  Whether your assembly ships locally or internationally, Unitech can design and manufacture a protective enclosure to ensure your project arrives safe and undamaged.

Full Welding Department

TIG and MIG welding on alloys of steel, stainless, and aluminum are performed daily.  Welding is performed on surface-ground welding tables to insure flatness. Production band sawing and cold sawing with straight or miter cuts are also available.

Unitech specializes in welding projects that are more involved than just fabricating hot rolled steel.  We use the term “precision weldments” to describe welded assemblies that require tight tolerances, defined welding specifications, secondary machining or special welding fixtures to complete.  Precision weldments usually require careful grinding and finishing since they are often painted or plated.


Examples of precision weldments include laboratory tables, cabinet frames for sheet metal enclosures, special machine support structures and antennas manufactured from thin wall aluminum tubing. 

Prototype weldments are another example of a precision weldment.  Companies often outsource prototypes because they interfere with ongoing production and are not an efficient use of their resources.  Drawing upon all of our resources, Unitech is perfectly equipped to purchase, machine, weld and paint subassemblies and prototypes, offering our customers another option for managing their products.