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Plant & Facilities

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plant-facilities1Our modern plant was purposely designed from the ground up to enhance manufacturing productivity and to ensure safe and efficient material handling.

Headquartered in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Unitech is located just southeast of Kansas City near the crossing of “America’s Highway” Interstate I-70 and “NAFTA” Highway I-35. Our Midwest location ensures expeditious and cost effective shipping to any location in the US, Mexico & Canada.

mapOur building location is on I-470 highway at Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport (LXT, Latitude 38-57-34.9000N, Longitude 94-22-16.9000 W, elevation 1004).  The plant is easily accessible for trucks and visitors from any direction by plane or interstate.   A rail head is located just six blocks south of our building. 

A 65,000 sq. ft. facility was designed and permitted in 2002; and the initial 43,000 sq. ft. Phase 1 was completed in 2003.  With room to grow, the building has been designed right and built right from the ground up specifically for efficient manufacturing work flow. 


The plant is designed and constructed as a one-level “L-shaped” manufacturing floor with 2 floors of offices located inside the legs of the “L”. The advantages over a rectangular building are obvious once you enter our facility.

With the engineering, quality and management departments located in the center of the “L-shaped” facility, our team members literally walk half the distance to reach any point when compared to a rectangular building.  This of course means our forklifts, parts and raw material also move half the distance during processing resulting in reduced staging and handling time.

An “L-shaped” manufacturing layout has additional benefits:


The one level manufacturing floor is constructed of 8-inch high-strength reinforced concrete, and is sealed with easy-to-clean slip resistant polyurethane coating.  Pedestrian and forklift aisles are defined by floor markings.  Because our floors are level, organized work flow is enabled by using project tables.  Once a project is placed in production, it is expedited between work centers on heavy duty, wheeled project tables, which eliminate forklift use and reduce handling time between work centers.

The 8-inch reinforced concrete wall panels support roof trusses allowing 25 ft. high ceilings with 100 ft. clear span bays.  The HVAC system is specifically designed and zone-controlled for each of the CNC machining, welding and painting bays. 

The electric power and compressed air systems have been engineered to eliminate multiple drops at each work center in order to maintain an open environment.   A dedicated step-down transformer supplies building power through underground conduits thus reducing weather-related power outages.  Power is distributed underground from the Main Power Switchgear to five 200 amp, 240 volt panels strategically located for work center electrification.  Redundant Ingersoll Rand screw air compressors and air driers provide constant, 100 psi, low-cost compressed air through load balancing of each compressor for maximum efficiency.

Lighting levels in all plant areas are bright and eliminate shadows.  Housekeeping stations, machine coolant processing and scrap metal disposal have been optimized to reduce labor and eliminate machine down-time.   

Our modern manufacturing plant has been designed right and built right to be energy efficient, clean, bright, organized and safe.  This translates into bottom line efficient manufacturing for our customers.