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Employment Development & Training

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Manufacturing Education

Unitech supports American Manufacturing Education by offering all employees manufacturing degrees through the NTMA University (NTMA-U).

NTMA-U is an innovative new program of online education that bridges the gap between traditional degree programs and skills-based certification curricula. The curriculum is customized and tailored to the needs of manufacturing companies, with textbooks and online training guides that have been developed by NTMA members specifically for this program.



Through agreements with participating colleges, our employees take courses online, earning credits toward an associate degree in manufacturing, as well as gaining the knowledge to complete their National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) written exam.


The NIMS Competency Based Apprenticeship System brings national standards and third party objective assessments to the nation’s metalworking industry. For our employees to become NIMS Certified Machinists, Toolmakers, CNC Setup Programmers or a Certified Journeyman Workers at any NIMS occupation, the apprentices must earn NIMS credentials by demonstrating satisfactory performance in a required number of competencies.


Employee Training

unitech-university-logoUnitech supports employee training and improvement through our own in-house program of weekly training topics known as Unitech University

The training topics are specific to our company’s procedures and to the machining, welding and coatings specialties performed by our company.

employee-development-training2Presented in a PowerPoint format, the training topics cover a wide range of subject matter including: new employee orientation, understanding time cards, cost reporting, using job travelers, understanding shop procedures, machine specific safety, operation & maintenance, proper job entry, inventory management, work safety, personal safety equipment (PSE), work flow and more.

Because the training courses are developed and taught by experienced employees with expert knowledge in the topic, we encourage leadership development. And because new training topics are encouraged, our company skills are constantly being reinvented.

By creating a learning culture in our company, we promote multiple opportunities for each employee to improve their understanding of the industry and to share that knowledge with one another.

Leadership Development

kcmn-logoUnitech develops leadership within our company in partnership with the Kansas City Manufacturing Network (KCMN) and the National Tooling and Machining Association’s Kansas City Chapter (KCNTMA).

The KCMN Emerging Leaders Program is a series of four, six-week training sessions that include employees from other manufacturing companies in the Greater Kansas City Area.  The goal is to create opportunities for those who want to improve their leadership and management skills, learn new strategies and connect with others with similar goals.


Employees with leadership potential are selected for The Emerging Leaders Program. We have found that employees perform and feel better when they understand that they are being developed.  They look at the classes as an opportunity to improve which is beneficial for everyone involved.  Emerging leaders obtain a greater perspective on the manufacturing industry as a whole and American manufacturing in specific.